Graphic Design

We turn your ideas into beautiful designs

Reload’s graphic design team bring brands to life. From logos to business cards, brochures to menus and adverts to signage, we have it all covered. We have a love for the craft of graphic design, a passion for creativity and a keen eye for detail which shows in our work.

Brand Identity

First impressions count and you only have one chance to get it right. Your brand design distinguishes you from your competitors, expresses your corporate vision and leaves a lasting memory on your customers, employees and stakeholders. It is, in essence, the personality of your business.

We work with start ups who need to develop their brand from scratch and existing companies who feel their brand needs a refresh.

Brand identity involves so much more than logo design and we work closely with our brand strategists to identify your brand values, positioning and strategy to ensure your message is conveyed to your target audience.

Typically we design a complete brand package: logo, business card, promotional materials and a website.

Printed Literature: Brochures, Menus, Flyers

Despite the convenience of the Internet, it is still vital to put attractive and functional printed materials into the hands of your clients or customers. People love to hold things! Attractive design combined with superb copy writing can make all the difference in creating a good impression.


Fresh, creative thinking and visually stunning design are the hallmarks of our advertising design. Whether it is design for billboards, newspapers or magazines, we will deliver your message loud and clear.

Social Media Design

It is important to have a consistent message and look across all your platforms: website, Facebook, Twitter. Our design team will optimise all of your platforms to ensure consistency in design.