Top Ten Funny Logo Designs

logo design fails

The logo design process requires a lot of research. After clocking up the best part of a day doing research for a current client’s design I came across some amusing design fails. Here is my list of the top ten logo cock-ups…..


logo design catholic
First up is the logo that was designed in 1973 for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission. You really couldn’t make it up!


ogc logo

The logo for the Office of Government Commerce cost £14,000 to design. Unfortunately, the design agency failed to spot the rather amusing double-entendre when the logo is rotated 90 degrees.



satellite tv logo

This amusing design brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “turn on the TV”.



logo design fail 4

It amazes me how this one was approved. It’s unlikely that you’re going to take little Jimmy to the Arlington Pediatric Center for a routine check-up.



logo design fail 5

Locum is a sustainable property management consultancy in Stockholm, Sweden. Before anyone spotted the not-so-hidden message this logo was published in a Swedish national newspaper.



logo design fail 6

This dental clinic was inundated with phone calls from patients requiring a “filling” when this logo was launched.



computer logo design

These guys are under no illusions as to what a lot of people use their computers for.



pizza logo design

Apparently, Doughboys serves a fine selection of Italian grub. Just don’t ask for any special sauce!



kids logo design

Correct letter spacing and perhaps some capitalization would have been a good move for this company.



dancing logo design

I included this design but I’m not entirely sure it’s a cock-up. This one jumps out of the page at you and I’m pretty sure this hapless designer feels like a bit of a tit.

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Written by Paul Leck Davidson

About Paul Leck Davidson

Founder of Reload Design Agency, Cambridge.

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